Monday, January 14, 2013

The Missing 5k

Have told you guys yet about Maryland’s sunrises?

I know I don’t give this state much credit on occasion, but HOT DAMN they consistently have some pretty amazing neon sunrises. It made driving to work this morning that much better.

mmmm pasty white legs

It was warm this weekend, warm enough to crank out 8.5 miles in shorts, which rocked. What didn’t rock was dealing with my sad puppy boyfriend on Saturday night after that overtime Broncos loss against the Ravens. On the brightside, I get another Ravens spirit day at work this Friday AKA I get to wear jeans again. 

SO, my plan for Sunday afternoon was to race in a 5k that a local running group, the Howard County Striders was putting on. The have an ‘iceberg’ series these next couple weeks that offer a variety of different distances to race each Sunday, at super cheap prices. ($2)

I was stoked. I drove to the lake where I thought the race was held at, $2 in hand. I ran a lap around the lake in search of the signup table… and found nothing.

I was sad, thought to myself maybe the race had been cancelled on late notice, ran a few more miles and then drove home. Turns out that the joke was on me, as on my way home I found it. 30 minutes too late. Literally across the street from where I had been running.

((Wipes tear from face))

Defeated, I and drove over to Andrew's house with my tail between my legs. His idea of cheering me up was suggesting that we do p90x plyometrics again.

my thoughts on that.
Have I told you that I hate it? Have I told you that I want to backhand Tony Horton, the guy who leads the videos?
Nonetheless, it’s always a great workout, and necessary for me to keep my muscles guessing. Odds are it will probably become part of our weekly routine, as he’s currently sticking to p90x pretty closely.

Me? I’ll always prefer the open road running trail.

How was everyone’s weekends? Any races? Any other sad Bronco fans?

Cheers to Monday!


  1. What a bummer, but I've totally done that before!! Yay for back up P90 :)


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