Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brooks Brat

This past week I received a little surprise in the mail from Brooks Running...

Awhile ago I shot them an email to let them know how much I love their shoes, and that I would love to do a product review if they happened to have any extra apparel lying around.

Turns out they did.

I've been pretty vocal that I'm a big fan of Brooks. Therefore I was obviously stoked to try out the Glycerin Jacket II. I almost immediately tore open the package like a savage and took that bad boy out for a couple miles.

First impression? It's versatile. It has the option to be worn on a 30 degree day in the snow zipped all the way up, or on a 50 degree day zipped halfway down.

My favorite feature was the little pocket on the inside for an iPod/mp3, since ya'll know that my music goes everywhere with me. And the pocket is even waterproof, which is crucial since I've been known to get caught in some downpours while out on the trail.

And, like any girl, the thumb holes had me at hello. Love my thumb holes.

"I could honestly wear this jacket anywhere!"  I gushed to Andrew. "Even out to the club?" he retorted.

OK, maybe not the club... although I'm unsure the last time I went to a club, so that's besides the point really.

It's stylish and light, and cute. I love the darker shade of grey. I sported it to my first ever Hot Yoga class this morning and it gave me a little confidence boost when I walked through the door. Even if I had to take it off immediately afterwards so that I wouldn't sweat in it.

But that experience is a whole different story. The picture below is exactly how I felt afterwards.

did i just sweat out every ounce of water in my body? it's quite possible. 
February and March are those weird in between months when you never know what the weather's going to do. I gotta say, I'm pumped to now have the Glycerin II to brave the rain, snow and everything in between.

Check out to browse all of their running gear - here's the direct link to the jacket if you're interested.

And a big thanks to Brooks Running for hooking me up, you guys rock!

Cheers to thumb holes!


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