Monday, February 11, 2013

Rainy Monday

Man, nothing makes it harder to get up than a rainy Monday morning. When I first woke up and was laying there, listening to the rain,  I ran through every valid excuse I had as to why I shouldn't work today.

Then I gave myself the whole 'suck it up' speech and crawled hopped outta bed.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with Andrew about doing things I'm not comfortable with. I purposefully avoid any obvious situation or event that may cause me any amount of discomfort, because  I HATE feeling uncomfortable or awkward. In contrast, Andrew does a lot better with new situations/experiences, and usually is more open to trying things out.

I want to get better at this. I made a small stride yesterday by forcing myself in the pool for a 'long' (for me) swim.

how i feel before every single swim.
I never actually want to get in the pool. The idea of swimming always sounds nice, but then I imagine a pool full of professional swimmers, judging my awkward stroke and attempt at flip turns. I consistently have to give myself pep talks up in the locker room before heading down to the pool.

All-in-all, I spent a solid hour in the pool, and think I'm starting to get that flip turn thing down! Success!

I took the plunge on Saturday and decided to do something a bit different with my hair. It's basically been long, brown and untouched for almost 10 years now, so I decided to try out the ombre style:

I am actually really happy with it, it's fun, and the lighter shades make me READY for summer.

Summer, hello, are you near?!?

I've also been meaning to share my favorite means of seeking out summer during winter on here for awhile, thanks for reminding me! Although I no longer tan (I did a lot in college, bad I know) I've found this actually works really well:

It's subtle, never leaves me orange, and isn't streaky if you apply it well. I grabbed mine at good ole' Walmart for about $8.

While in the category of cosmetics, I have one more cheat to share:

I have never been able to whiten my teeth because of this:

When one of your front teeth are fake and won't 'naturally' whiten along with the west of your pearly yellows whites, there ain't too much you can do about your teeth color. Turns out, the cap on my right front tooth chipped in the back, and the Dentist says I'm ready for a permanent crown.

So, these next two weeks I will be whitening so that when I go in for my appointment, the new crown will be matched up to the shade of my at that time blindingly white teeth.

The bad news? Until that appointment at the end of February, my real teeth will continue to get whiter, yet my currently fake cap will stay dark. And I will look like a pirate.

just like that.
If I suddenly start putting emo-like non-smiling pictures up on here, you now know why. This is my disclaimer.

Enough rambling about stupid physical appearances that don't matter.I have a dance class to tear up the dance floor at!

Any big plans this week? What's your favorite way to 'cheat' when it comes to physical appearances? I've heard Spanx are literally black magic? True?



  1. Spanx only work if youve got so jiggle that needs pulled tight -- dont waste your money! I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid of the pool, but if I ever get enough nerve to get in it, I'll be tri training soon!

    My new favorite beauty trick is Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm -- the most amazing BB cream ever!

  2. I am the same way about awkward situations, while Brad tries to make everything as uncomfortable as possible. It is really hard to handle sometimes.


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