Friday, October 26, 2012

The Plan

Happy National Pumpkin Day! In honor of this beautiful holiday, I brought in a special little decoration for my desk at work.

Actually I had no idea that today was this wonderful holiday until I caught wind of it on my internet browser this morning. The desk d├ęcor just happened to be a coincidence.

Great news! My stellar boyfriend let me upgrade our gym membership so that we now have the ‘plus plan’. What does this mean? More fitness classes for me to attend. In all honesty I never use to be the biggest fan of ‘group’ fitness classes outside of spin class, which is currently off limits until my IT band starts behaving. However, I recently developed a strong desire to start incorporating Yoga into my life, and our gym offers a variety of different levels/classes/options.

yoga for athletes? yes please.

I tried out the body pump class last night for the first time, and was blown away how many 50 year old woman were literally kicking my ass. I used super light weight since this was my first time, and was definitely feeling it by the end of the 60 minutes. Our awesome instructor also handed out wrist bands for breast cancer awareness month, which for some reason made me feel very special.

All this being said, I threw together a ‘weekly’ plan last night for my workouts until running is back in the picture. I feel good about it.

Thought of the day: Was this water bottle holder in the stairmaster I got on this morning specifically made to fit Gatorade water bottles? I feel confident that it was.

Question of the day: Have you ever tried Larabars? They are my FAVORITE ‘bars’, made in Denver Colorado, all composed of simple ‘clean’ ingredients, and absolutely delicious.  Chocolate chip cherry tort is by far my favorite, it's basically like eating dessert. 

Picture of the day:

enough said.
This afternoon my company hosted a ‘fall fest’ for all employees. Events included a corn eating contest as well as a bags tournament. Everyone was clearly extremely excited for it, and quickly embraced the corn as our theme for the day. Work weeks simply don't end any better.

What does your weekend look like? Any Halloween activities?



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