Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pumpkins and lentils and beers, oh my.

I'm going to be honest. It' s been a bit rough getting on social media/reading other running blogs since getting injured. Aside from a few tweets here and there about worthless thoughts, I have pretty much been avoiding Twitter like the plague...


At the very least, watching extremely ripped men rip off their clothes while on the elliptical that early in the morning made me a little more motivated to go hard. Something I struggle with on that stupid machine thing.  

My latest issue: I cannot watch movies nor listen to music while swimming laps. While I know movies are out of the picture, I’m thinking about investing in a water proof case for my little ipod shuffle. Thoughts? Recommendations from swimmers out there?

This morning I glanced at our 10-Day forecast and noticed that we are going to have some 30’s sneaking in at night next week... Brrrrr

Why yes, I do take pictures of trees at stoplights.
With November and Thanksgiving lurking right around the corner, I have recently embarked on a quest to discover the BEST pumpkin beer. Shocking, I know. So on Saturday I headed to a recommended liquor store that lets you ‘create your own’ 6-pack, and snagged 6 different kinds to try.

 Me, Andrew and his roomie Alex sampled all 6 in little shot glasses, and picked our favs. My favorite by far out of the batch ended up being Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, which is brewed in Pennsylania. 

It was a lovely fall afternoon of sampling beer and carving pumpkins … with a little more of me sampling and more of the guys carving, let’s be honest. Those pumpkins have thick walls and I have no upper body strength.

he was thirsty too!

 My PT also recommended Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, which wasn’t in the batch that we tried. Perhaps I’ll be able to track that down this weekend, although I hear it’s super popular and sells out quickly.

Well that's enough beer talk, coming from the girl who hated the stuff a little over a year ago. In other news, I swung by Costco this afternoon on my lunch break in search of a bulk package of canned pumpkin. No dice, but I did grab a box of this:

It’s one of Andrew’s favorite snacks from Costco, and I was surprised after reading the label that it's fairly ‘clean’ aside from the small amount of cream/butter. I whipped some up in my mug once back at the office, and was instantly pumped about my purchase.

To all my Costco goers, what’s your favorite food from there? The lady at the door today was RAVING about their cheesecake and I was like “Lady why did you have to tell me that!?” Now it’s going to haunt my thoughts until I actually try it...

Happy Hump Day, Cheers to being halfway through the week!


  1. by the way enjoy Hart of Dixie. Might have gone on a NetFlix bender with that one recently.

  2. we love us some costco EVERYTHANG :-)


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