Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Head Above Water

Have I ever told you guys what the ultimate key to my heart is?

And no it isn’t pumpkin… although that’s probably a close second.

source ... because I ate it too fast to take a picture.


Last night my baller boyfriend dropped by my house with a piece of amazingness straight from the Cheesecake Factory, and I have to say, it made my freaking week. Just wanted to share, and make you drool on yourself.

Let’s run through some other important updates, shall we?

I ‘ran’ in the deep end of the pool this morning for a solid 50 minutes. And when I say run, I mean essentially treading water in a running-like motion. I’m pretty sure the swimmers hated me, the pool was completely full by 6 AM, and I nearly drown from the guy who kept blowing past me with his aggressive breast stroke in the lane next to me.

Good times.

Following that gem of a workout I rewarded myself with Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie Overnight Oats.

What’s that, you want the recipe? Certainly.

Combine in bowl/container:

-1/2 cup of old-fashion oats
-Pinch of cinnamon
-1 (softer) banana
-1-2 TB of peanut butter
-Chia seeds/vanilla extract (optional)

Pour in enough milk of choice to cover ingredients and mix it together. Let sit overnight in refrigerator.  Enjoy the next morning!

Other developments… I recently cut my hair. I wanted it to look like this:

 I even showed her this exact picture. She didn’t listen, because hair stylists never listen to me and so I ended up with this:

They are too long to wear like that pretty girl up there wears hers. Maybe next time they’ll get it right. Or maybe my face is just shaped strangely.

In case you’re wondering, those odd pictures of me above are from an outdoor concert we attended this past weekend that actually turned into a rave that night…. Yeah.

In other news, I fell in love with my orthopedic doctor yesterday. She. Is. Amazing. She was super relatable, LISTENED TO ME, and kept me feeling encouraged. 

and i'm officially the creepy girl who takes pictures of doctor offices. 
She referred me to an awesome physical therapist who I called immediately afterwards and begged asked for the next available appointment.  Which I will go to tomorrow. Where I will then run on an anti-gravity treadmill so they can figure me out.


Hopefully they need me to run a solid 10 miles to get a diagnosis?

my official papers

Last, but certainly not least… my favorite topic. Pumpkin.

Today at Trader Joes I found this:

And yesterday, my coworker found this:

Life is Good.

How is everyone’s weeks going? What is the key to your heart when it comes to food? And more importantly, have you ever gotten a hair cut that you actually liked? 
(I haven't)



  1. I used to cry after I got my hair done as a kid. now I just get it done, pay them quietly and hten go home and fix it myself haha. Whats the key to my heart? Cookies. My bff's little sister made the most AAMZZINGGG pumpkin spice cookies that I had one too many of on Sunday. Now im just trying to stay away from real sweets (Im going to use clean options) until I Leave for Alumni on Friday! :) But just food in general is my weakness haha. I feel like ALL SPICES ARE SO EXPENSIVE! I wanted to get it yesterday but didnt find it at Walgreens. NExt up in my grocery list is Cheddar seasoning. how much was this pumpkin spice bad boy?

    1. Mmm cheddar seasoning sounds amazing!! The pumpkin tea was like $3 at trader joes. Pretty great for aid afternoon pick me up :)

  2. FIRST of all, your orthopedic doc needs to ditch that ugly Wisconsin pennant. Right. Now. Second, running on those anti gravity treadmills will make you feel like a total BA, or maybe I'm just a huge nerd, but they're kinda like those kid leashes attached to a treadmill. Finally, I'm officially miffed that I cannot have delicious cheesecake goodness and will absolutely destroy some Eli's when I'm home in a few weeks..... MMmmmmmmmm

    Glad to hear things are slowly looking up!!! PS: your hair looks cute, and bangs can always get shorter, so that's the good news!


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