Monday, October 29, 2012

Braving Sandy

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, followed by a couple years living out in Colorado, I have quite a bit of experience in regards to surviving a hurricane.


While some are panic-stricken over this huge mega-death storm called Hurricane Sandy who continues to barrel towards our shores, I'm personally pretty excited. I've always had a fascination/infatuated with weather, and while the sheer thought of a tornado induces extreme fear, the thought of 'riding out' this hurricane for the next 36 hours or so is, well, kind of intriguing to me.

The warnings that are popping up in my weather channel app are like none I've ever seen. While the high wind warning sounds kind of scary, the 'special weather statement' that was released this morning literally made me laugh out loud.

If you are in fact attempting to use a charcoal grill in your living room, you deserve to have Sandy wash you to sea. 

My workplace sent out the official email last night announcing that we were closed for today, and after doing a little jig and running around Andrew's kitchen, I realized I should also probably take a few precautions just in case we do lose power for awhile, which I'm being told is extremely likely.

So this morning, my first stop was the gym since they were shutting down at noon. Second stop, Starbucks, because they were closing at 2.

100% necessary.
Third stop, Target. The shelves looked as follows:

It was mind blowing to me that the chip aisle was COMPLETELY wiped out, while other aisles remained fully stocked. At least the bananas were sold out. #hope

As I mentioned, I can't really say that I'm super worried about Sandy. However, creating a 'hurricane survival kit' seemed more like a fun game to me than an actual task, so of course I was going to make one.

The final creation, all under $20.

I spent a good 10 minutes setting this display up for you guys. 
Dark chocolate and pumpkin were an absolute must. Because if worse comes to worse, I shall eat raw pumpkin from the can.

My two favorite buys were the $2 yellow mug, and the cozy grey socks. Because there's no better way to stay warm than some thick fuzzy socks and a warm mug of something magical.

If they are called Cozy Socks, they HAVE to be cozy. 

So there you have it. My preparations to brave this crazy b*tch Sandy who continues to slowly but surely, spin on over our way.

i cannot take credit for creating this.

In all seriousness  prayers for all the East Coast folk being affected by this would be much appreciated. If she ends up being anywhere near as bad as the media are hyping her up to be, we'll surely need some. And from what I understand, our beaches/coastal cities are already getting pounded pretty badly.

Cheers to my first hurricane ever! There's a first for everything I suppose.


  1. So glad you have pumpkin and good smelling candles. Who knows what would happen without those staples.


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