Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have a serious question.

How in the crap is it already july?? Slow your roll summer, I still have gallons of precious memories to make with you. Like a few more of these:

Summer staple right there. Snagged one of those bad boys on Sunday after some Frisbee golfing.

There’s been an abundance of July goals and ambitions put out there on the blogosphere, and it caused me a bit of a panic attack at first. My orderly type-A life has been a bit upturned lately due to travel, moving, etc., and I hadn’t really thought ahead to July. AKA I don’t reallllyyyy have a July goal, except to begin bettering my life in a couple different ways. And to fulfill the below request:

But for real, WHY are there no firework emoticons for the iPhone??

I realize that 'bettering my life' is an incredibly loose, broad statement. Normally broad undefined statements stress me out a lot. This one doesn't... I kind of am looking at it as a challenge. I’m excited to define it with you guys a little further. Not today though. Today’s a Tuesday that’s basically my Thursday and that’s way too deep of a post for a Thursday, wouldn’t you agree?

I actually did define one small July goal…. Well that’s kind of a lie, I adopted another blog’s goal for her BodyLove July challenge – no weighing myself in the month of July. This actually shouldn’t be toooo difficult as I haven’t weighed myself for awhile anyways. Yet June was definitely a strange, off-track month for me when it came to eating and working out, and if I had to guess right now the scale would reflect that. And that’s ok, because life happens. And so on par with the whole ‘better my life’ challenge this month, eating and training better will definitely be part of this.

Speaking of training, I knocked out a sweat-tayyyyy 7 miles yesterday after work. I followed the path/piers all along the harbor, and am not even joking a little bit when I say that I passed AT LEAST 20 other girls in my age range, running solo

But seriously, I need to join a running group when I’m feeling 100% better. It’s on my better me list. I got home from the run extra drenched and man oh man it felt good.

I’ve been gym searching/hopping lately. It’s necessary for now, until I figure out what I like in Baltimore and what I’m willing to pay. And if we are being honest I kind of dislike gym hopping. I was going to a tiny little guy near my work two weeks ago, and it was fine, but let’s be real I’m kind of a gym brat and love my pool/hot tub/yoga classes etc.

I will keep you updated on my search. I’m trying out the Canton Merritt Gym starting this week….

Answer me this, before I go… what’s your favorite, go-to emoji? Mine is for sure the skull, followed by the lips.

Example. Skull is always applicable.



  1. Try meetup.com for a running buddy/group! My brother-in-law swears by them, but I haven't tried any myself. Theres tons for running groups, though!!

  2. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely check that out! Have a great week :)



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