Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fab Fourth

Let's work backwards through the weekend, shall we? It will be fun, I promise.

As of an hour ago, my dinners/lunches are made for the week - I whipped up a Mexican Taco Stew courtesy of the Whole Foods recipe app, as well as that Avacado Quinoa Salad that I've made in the past.

For the record, the Whole Foods App is legit!
Hopefully I should be set for at least a few days on the food piece.

This afternoon I also logged 7 disgustingly hot miles. So hot in fact, that I had to take a break after 5 and finish up the last 2 after a water/AC rest stop.

Proof of the heat:
Note the 'feels like' temperature...
More Proof:

so sexy, i know.
Prior to the run, Andrew and I had to return our hot ride that he rented for the weekend...

We woke up Saturday morning realizing we had just about zero plans for the rest of the weekend. Time together is short these days as he's scheduled to leave for awhile at the end of the month.

My proposal over coffee that morning was that we either rent or steal a boat. His was better.

"Let's rent a convertible and drive."

It was the luck of the draw that we happened to get the beautiful 2014 mustang. It was a blessing that we ended up in ended up in Shenandoah National Park down in Virginia.

It was a gorgeous 70-some degrees once we were up in the mountains, and the view rivaled some that I've seen out in the Rockies. We both took the day to soak it all in, cruise in our fake rich car, and do some hiking/exploring.

Andrew suggested that I wash my knee in the waterfall pictured above, that the fresh water would heal me. That I'm not so sure of, but I may find out this week if I end up going to the orthopedic doctor. I haven't decided yet if it's necessary or not, but technically I'm currently training for a triathlon & a marathon and shouldn't be fooling around anymore with these aches and pains, ya dig?

Prior to our Saturday excursion was of course the Fourth of July celebrations, which occurred at my house & deck in Baltimore. I really couldn't have asked for more out of our celebrations, I think my roommates would agree... it was a successful evening.

I could babble on forever about the details of the past four days, but I won't. I'm tired and would love to spend the evening stretching, icing, and planning for the week. It's looking to be a hot one here in Salty Balty, and some laps in the pool sounds pretty good right about now.

Hope everyone had an excellent holiday weekend. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what this week has in store.



  1. What an amazing idea - renting a car and getting away. I might have to steal this someday! Happy Monday!

  2. I'm a Baltimore lady, too, and boy has it been miserably hot lately!!! So excited to have found your blog through Brooke's! ^^


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