Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Gym Hunt

There’s this toilet at my work that is an overactive flusher. Any time that you move at all, to wipe, shift a butt cheek, etc., it freaks out and flushes on your ass butt. Literally. Yet I continue to go into that stall because I like the last stall, it feels safe and I may be attached to it.

There’s your weird Wednesday tidbit for the week, I know you needed it, it’s been too long.

Now I want to discuss my least favorite part about moving into Baltimore so far - finding a new gym. I was lucky enough to be added to Andrew's existing gym pass when I first moved out here, so the original relocation didn't involve any kind of search whatsoever...

Technically this picture has no relation to the topic aside from the fact that it was taken this past Sunday from my new house's deck. Pretty huh?

I tried out the Canton Merritt Gym last week, and ended up going about 5 times, to two different spin classes. Final verdict: Sorry current Merritt users, I was not overly impressed with the Canton location.

It was fine, as gym standards go. But it’s very much a ‘scene’. Every other girl is decked out in her LuLu Lemon, which let’s be honest I would be too it I had the money. All of the weights areas were extremely 20-something male dominated, most who wanted nothing more than to gaze at their beloved muscles in the mirrors.

It was annoying.

But hey, it was a free week of working out, and now I know that I don’t want to join there. The spin class that I attended there on Monday also rubbed me the wrong way, per the instructor getting off her bike, jumping frantically around the room from bike to bike, yelling in our faces.

That’s just not my cup of tea. I’m a self-motivator, I realllllly don’t want your sweaty face in mine while I’m on the bike. No hard feelings OK?

Next on the list to try is the Canton Club, which looks to be a bit smaller and doesn’t have a pool. Hopefully it's less bro-ish. A pool isn't the deciding factor for me when it comes to joining gyms, but technically I should be swimming right now as part of my training… I will probably hit up the public pool a couple times prior to August 11th.

 Last but probably most importantly... I tried out the local Canton Froyo shop last night. Great news – they had crumbled up cupcakes as a topping option.

Life is good.

We’re sitting on the hump you guys. Is that the weekend I smell?

Cheers to gym hopping!


  1. Amazing toilet story, I laughed out loud. Good luck finding the right fit!

  2. oh gosh, i would cry if my spin lady was like that. make it stop!

  3. Hey, Baltimore! I totally get what you're saying about wanting a good gym... SO annoying because everything's so expensive, and everything is ALL Merritt mostly. I joined for the summer since I'm a teacher (and mostly because I just wanted a pool) but I definitely got/get the same vibes that you did walking into Canton's gym. I don't think I'll be renewing my membership during the school year! If you find a good one, let me know! :)


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