Monday, July 29, 2013

Top Off Ten

Happy Monday!

My day started off with this:

To my overnight oat eaters – take heed, and never throw out another almost-empty peanut butter jar again. Ever. There is nothing more awesome than mixing up a batch of oats in there (I threw in a banana & some cinnamon) and eating straight out of the jar the next morning. It made my Monday morning a little happier.

love this quote, love this movie.
Hmmmm I suppose you want a weekend recap? Well Friday night I began my quest to become a taco connoisseur, and immediately crossed one off the list. I tried a salmon taco at Nacho Mama’s in the Canton square and wasn’t impressed. This, however, impressed me:

hubcap margarita for the man and me to share
Something perhaps even more impressive is the fact that I woke up on Saturday morning and ran 10 miles. This is the longest nonstop run I’ve achieved THIS YEAR. WHAT? I know. Stress fractures rock. Anyways, I felt pretty good, and pushed myself to hold an 8 minute pace:

 My PT has me wearing this bands on my runs – it’s basically just rolled up pre-wrap, that’s supposedly helping to keep my IT band more ‘slack’ over my knee. OK? It could all be in my head, but I like it a lot and I think it helps. I wore it around all day yesterday for no reason.

 In other news, I also chose to make my 10 miler my first ‘sports bra only’ run in Baltimore on Saturday as well. I hadn’t been able to work up the courage prior to this, as I hadn’t seen too many other females venturing to show a little skin since moving into the city. But the temps had already broken 80 that morning and I decided to go for it. I felt fine with the decision during my 5 miles around the park, but not as confident when I ventured out along the harbor for the second half of the run…. Mainly due to the large number of pedestrians just hanging out, fishing, etc.

The verdict: I will probably stick to the trails through the parks when going topless in Baltimore. I have written a post on this topic before, and always love hearing thoughts on it.

Last night’s dinner was concluded with this guy

Tell me this isn’t the cutest little crab cookie you’ve ever seen. Yum.

Can you guys believe that Thursday is August 1st? That blows my mind. I’m excited to see what August has brewing. I made a second half of the year list of goals/expectations this past weekend and feel really good about it. One that I plan on knocking out right away in August is doing a short(er) sugar detox. I have a handful of reasons as to why, but am currently in the stages of figuring out the best way to go about it. I have heard of the 21 Day Sugar Detox, as well as the Whole30 program which is more of a ‘nutritional reset’ type of program.

Have any of you guys ever tried something like this? I would love thoughts/feedback/ideas.

I hope this week treats you kindly. Make it great.



  1. I love Nacho Mamas-their hubcap margaritas are crazy good! Congrats on the long distance! Run in your sports bra if you want because you probably have an awesome runners body. I'm too self conscious to do it yet but it's a silly goal I have to be able to feel good enough to!

  2. i should probably join in on this sugar detox after the birthday weekend.... also, i say go topless.

  3. Hubcaps are the best! Not a huge fan of their food though. Great job on your run!

  4. Margarita bowls are the only way to do a weekend right

  5. i did my detox last year and it was the hardest 2wks of my life! but after those 2wks, you don't want any of it anymore and the cravings go away. i don't eat that stuff anymore!


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