Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Living Part of Life

I took a step back today. And it was good.
Because in a world so absorbed with the notion of moving forward, and progress, a step back to pause, and reevaluation was completely necessary.

Before launching into a feeling-filled post, I have a big thank you to give.

Cassie, not only a beloved friend and former roommate, but beautiful writer, recently posted a joy-filled blurb about the past year for her and her roommates. It hit me hard, not only because I miss her and the ladies she wrote about, but because I realized that I need to get back to those basics. To living a joy-filled life, and not always letting my control freak type-A personality take over.

This morning I went for a run, no news flash there. But I didn't take a watch, and I just ran, because I could. I completely disregarded my possible pace, or distance, and I just soaked it in. And I thought a lot. I thought about the many blessings in my own life, and things that bring me joy.

whole lotta joy right there.

One of those things is my blog. I LOVE writing, I always have. I used to tell people I was going to be an author when I grew up. My best friend and I would write lengthy nonsense stories together in elementary school, filling up entire notebooks. Now, every other run I go on, I'm writing future posts in my head. Thinking of stories I want to share and mentally inserting the occasional sarcastic cracks.

Why am I writing this blog? Because it reflects my passions. Not only running and living a healthy life, but my passion for life itself. And I want to share it. I want to help people, inspire people, give them ideas. My life is nothing exotic, but I'm willing to share it with whoever feels like reading, and hopefully brighten up some days in the process.

Now for my second thank you. Peanut Butter Fingers is a BIG TIME healthy living blog, one that I've been reading now for about a year. The PB Fingers creator, Julie, is actually originally from Palatine IL, a Chicago suburb not too far from my own hometown, Crystal Lake. This past week I was playing around on her site, and came across her post on blogging tips.

Her simple advice? Write a blog that you, the writer, would want to read. It seems obvious, but in the midst of slowly getting more followers and feedback on my own blog, I have found myself occasionally straying from that, and getting overally excited of the idea that more people than my mom are actually reading this.

Love you Mom! Happy almost Mothers Day!!
So there it is. Expect a lot more joy, a bit of sarcasm, and a whole lot of raw, borderline inappropriate me. Because ultimately, this is my blog, and I want to write about what makes me tick. If that bores you, that's fine. You really won't hurt my feelings if you "hide" me on your Facebook timeline, or block me on Twitter. I promise.

To wrap this up, I have to throw out a huge "congrats" to all of my newly graduated homies this weekend- including my beautiful little sis. If I had words of advice, it would be to embrace this new time you are transitioning into. It's awkward, and even a bit scary at first, but run with it. (Literally, if you prefer)

Own it, find the joy, and live life hard.



  1. thank you so much!! i love this post and am so glad that resonated with you. it's something i try to remind myself of daily whenever i blog!

  2. Love the shout out... we did SO much writing when we were little! I wish I was half as creative now as I was then. Love this post :)


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