Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is...

Recently, I’ve found a lot of truth in the phrase "home is where the heart it". Cliche, I know.

Although this past weekend made me miss every aspect of Colorado like crazy, and even allowed my mind to wander back to the question why the F I ever left… and even though I cried on the plane ride back to Baltimore on Sunday night…  I know that this is where I’m supposed to be right now.

Because my heart is here. And ultimately when with I’m with Andrew, I’m so happy. So although places like Fort Collins, Crystal Lake, and Boston have stolen pieces of my heart… my whole heart is here. Next to my best friend.

Anyways, enough of the mushy stuff. I have to apologize for the hiatus that I’ve been on. It's been a bumpy week since getting back late in Sunday night; which come to think of was a super bumpy flight in itself. I have been scrambling to get caught up, and in result have been experiencing some intense writer’s block. And along with that has come runners block as well, if there is such a thing. My runs have been super slow and just sluggish-feeling in general. It may be the higher temps/humidity that this week has brought. Without a doubt, summer is in the air.

Speaking of summer, I’m SO looking forward to this three day weekend. Not only because I get an extra day off, and not only because it’s Andrew’s big 2-4… but because my mom and my sister, Bri, are going to be here! They are actually Maryland-bound as we speak… and should be pulling into town early this evening.

Me, Mom & Bri... Cheetah clad this past Christmas

Why are they driving out instead of flying, you ask? Because it just so happens that when I made the move out here 3.5 months ago, I couldn’t quite fit my entire life in my little Honda Civic. So they are nice enough to bring out the rest of everything. The most important item I’ve been missing? My road bike, Beth. Her arrival means more ways to stay active (my foot will thank me for having a non-impact cardio outlet) AND day trip bike rides with Andrew. We have been told that there is a trail all the way down to Annapolis and we both pretty pumped to explore.

Beth. Ain't she a beauty?
Definitely looking forward to some family time starting tonight. We are going to try to pack in as many activities as we can between now and Sunday– most likely an Oriole’s game in Baltimore, and a day in D.C. as neither of them have seen our Nation’s Capital. Bri’s persistent request has been to eat some crabs, so we’ll see if we can find some fresh ones for her.

Oriole's Park at Camden Yards - Baltimore
I wouldn’t expect to hear from me again until after this weekend… but my intent is to get back to the regular scheduled program come next week. Enjoy all of your weekends, get outside and soak up some sun!


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