Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A case of the Tuesdays

I’m baaaaaack.

It’s peculiar really; I’m a huge fan of social media. Anyone who follows me on anything knows this. Yet this past week I just wasn’t feeling it, and so essentially went off the grid from letting the entire world what was going on in my life.

But it’s Tuesday, it’s a 4 day work week and I’m invigorated and ready to get back on track. With writing, eating, running, life.

Andrew and I saw The Avengers yesterday and I loved it. Granted, I’m a huge sucker for super hero movies like that. Furthermore I think the guy who plays Thor is super hot. So of course I loved it. I even wore my hair like the badass agent girl (Cobie Smulders) to work today. She rocks the low bun like it’s her job.
 In other news, I need to start lifting more. Long days of sitting at a desk are really starting to get to me, not only mentally but physically.  A bit of toning up is necessary, especially with the summer months coming in hot. (literally) Part of my strategy for operation tone up is to not only change up some of my cardio workouts, but to start using the Nike Workout App a couple times a week (as recommended by my good friend Karlie)

It offers a variety of different workouts, from quick 15 minute workouts targeting specific muscles, to 45 cardio workouts incorporating tons of different workouts. Most programs require very little equipment, things as simple as light dumbbells, etc., and can be done in as little space as your bedroom floor.

Anyways, that’s my rant for the day. It’s been pushing 90 degrees here the past few days, including today, and it’s incredible how quickly I find myself sweating through shirts on my runs. I easily haven’t sweat this much since three-a-days during volleyball preseasons at Bradley. It feels both horrible and awesome at the same time.

So there we have it. Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, and a tolerable Tuesday back to work.


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