Friday, September 27, 2013

One of those days

Wednesday was just one of those days when I left work and knew that a workout was just not happening. It had been a busy day, and motivation was actually nowhere to be found.

Somehow I found myself here:

This sounds weird and maybe even a little bit cliche but Whole Foods consistently makes me happy. I love grocery shopping in general, but on occasion I'll find myself wandering down the street to this odd little purgatory of mine, picking out a small large selection from their hot food bar, and just sitting in a booth for some time to myself.

I even let them know it:

Thanks for the love WF

Yesterday three of my coworkers surprised me with a little something for helping on a project...

This by far has been my favorite Edible Arrangement that I've received so far - chocolate covered green apples. I begged my coworkers to share it with me before I wiped out the entire box, but by the end of the day the damage on my end had been four of those wonderful apple balls.

Yet my body didn't seem to mind the excess sugar too much, as I cranked out 8 miles at a 7:20 pace shortly after, and felt pretty good. Well, condition-wise I felt good. Feet-wise, not so much.

Not something we will discuss today.

Fun Fact Friday:

Every time that I hang up my iPhone after Facetiming with Andrew, I get this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the technology, and kind of stand/sit there frozen for a second. It's weird and dorky, but I half expect the music from the iPhone commercials to start playing.

Am I the only one that used to tear up during the original iPhone/Facetime commercials? No, just me?

Welp, this post was short and sweet, just like my hair that I chopped off yesterday.


I hate haircuts, but the brightest of my ombre had to go, it was officially time to usher in fall with my hair. I'm not confident enough to post pictures of it yet.

On that note, does anyone have any solid suggestions of ways to help your hair grow? I've heard both folic acid and prenatal vits (probably not gona try prenatal that weirds me out)...

Suggestions welcome, as always!

Work time. It's Friday people, make it great!

Cheers - 



  1. I did the same thing -- chopped 8in off my hair and freaked! Started taking prenatals and I havent noticed any hair results, but my nails are STRONG. My doc said the folic acid is key, so you can probably just take that as its own supplement? Can't wait to see the new 'do :)

  2. Try a biotin supplement-I started using one to help my peeling nails and noticed how healthy my hair was looking (and growing!) ! Now I use the Delta Labs hair, nails and skin supplement which works great (I'm an ambassador so I get a discount-use BREATHEBLOG for $5 off your order!)

  3. for the record, the snap you sent me did not make your hair look short. you'll be ok. also, did you ready the article on huffpost about whole foods. made me laugh, check it out.

  4. sorry you had a rough day, just remember they make the good days seem a lot better. :) Oh and the only reason pre-natal vits make your hair grow is the folic acid so you could just take that (I take it for the same reason, it's a teeny tiny pill).


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