Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Whole Row to Myself

I started writing a post on Sunday night, but after two consecutive 3 AM nights in a row, this is exactly how I felt at the time:

Jane and I were on the same page and were both ready for bed by 9 pm. And that's exactly what happened; it was glorious.

I then told myself that on my 6 AM Tuesday morning plane ride back to Baltimore I would hop back on wifi and come up with something witty to slap up here. Just so happens that this happened:

A WHOLE ROW TO MYSELF? That never happens.

So I slept on the plane instead, and here we are. Have I ever mentioned that the laundry room here in my Baltimore house is attached to my room?

Some people see it and are like 'Ohhhh that sucks' but frankly I don't really care. My roommates can trample through my room whenever they feel, I'm not home that much, and when I am it's not like I'm parading around naked. At least most nights.

This morning in particular I LOVE the fact that the laundry room is right there, as when I rolled out of be and felt cold, I threw a sweatshirt into the dryer before hopping into the shower. Get out of the shower and voila - a perfectly warm sweatshirt to bundle up in.

Anyways, back to my Chicago weekend. Friday and Saturday was a whirlwind of good times with good friends. I loved seeing my sister, high school and college friends all in a 24 hour period. And of course, there were many bachelorette shenanigans to be had...

I was blessed with 8 miles on Monday afternoon, including a quick lap around my middle school track. It took me back to my track & field days, when I ran the fastest mile (I'll probably ever run) of my life, coming in at 5:38. Those were the days.

I was also blessed with finding pumpkin froyo on my lunch break yesterday. WHAAAATTT???

This may be the end of me.

Would love to chat more, but I have to get ready for work. Hope your week is going well, and Happy Hump Day!




  1. we are water bottle twins. glad your weekend was a success!!!

  2. a whole row? wow i feel like that never happens anymore, the airlines pack us in like cattle! lucky you


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