Saturday, November 23, 2013


Happy Saturday!! Lazy Saturday morning's have quickly become one of my all-time favorites, as I can take the time to make the breakfast of my liking, brew some Dunkin Donuts coffee, and just write away.

chicken sausage/spinach scramble
IF we are being honest, I had wanted to write this post yesterday and link up with my pal Brooke as she is always full of awesome links on Friday. Yesterday was no different, and she even stuck Jennifer Lawrence in her post who I continue to fall deeply in love with as she continues to be awesome in the public eye.

I actually thought of her when I saw this on Pinterest. 
Other links... I jumped on the 'Elf for Health 2013' train this past week, and the challenge starts on Monday. Basically you get paired up with another blogger, and for four weeks follow an assortment of challenges while supporting and motivating the blogger you are paired with. You can check out details here, and the calendar of challenges is below.

Speaking of challenges, I challenged Andrew to a race that I REALLY want to do this upcoming February. There is a Cupid's Undies Run in Baltimore on Saturday, February 15th, which raises money for the Children's Tumor Foundation. It looks like an absolute blast, and is offered in several different cities across the country (cough cough, Chicago & Denver too, cough cough).
Thanks to the other Baltimore Kaitlyn for making me aware of this :)

Last link of the day. Jess over at Blonde Pony Tail wrote a great post about abs, and what you need to do in particular to see definition. In short, she reiterates the common phrase that abs are made in the kitchen. This topic always fires me up, because too many people - girls in particular - have this notion that if they want to have a leaner stomach, they simply have to rip out some more sit-ups.


Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge advocate of core strength and work it into my workouts almost daily. But the times my abs have 'looked' the best and had the best definition have absolutely 100% been linked to my diet - like during the 21-Day Detox - and now, when I stick closer to a paleo-style diet.

Which didn't happen last night, when I got distracted by sushi and wine and movie night with the roomie. It was my first time ever trying seaweed salad, and I am now a huge fan.

Side note - Asahi Sushi in Fells Point has incredible sushi for incredible prices, for any of you Baltimore sushi lovers out there.

As soon as I hit publish on this bad boy I'm grocery-store bound. All I currently have left in the fridge is eggs, and that butternut squash needs to be whipped up into some delicious chili since that recipe was the unanimous winner. The name is the game today is productivity, as tomorrow my day will be consumed with this:

I scored a few of those as a 'thanks for working hard this week' gift from the boss. Definitely well worth the blindness that was slowly brought on by spreadsheets.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I'm sure going to try. It's my last one flying solo before my better half gets back, and to say I'm excited is an extreme understatement.

Make it great, cheers -



  1. Breakfast looks amazing. I'm completely on board with a lazy-as-F Saturday morning followed by productive afternoon. Have an amazing time at the game!

  2. yeahhhh about that whole healthy eating thing. while my diet has not been horrible, there has been more sugar than i need. i should probs detox. wahhhh. after thanksgiving?


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