Monday, November 18, 2013

Bears & Bites

First and by far most importantly, thoughts and prayers to our beloved Central Illinois who got slammed by horrible tornadoes and storms this past weekend. The region in particular is near and dear to my heart as my undergraduate school, Bradley University, is located in Peoria, IL which is nearby all of the current devastation.

There of course are already several sites and ways to donate/help - I found a few different resources listed on Bradley's website... if you're interested, click here.

In other news, received a pretty awesome surprise in the mail this past weekend for Andrew's mom. She knows me too well.

giraffe pants. obsessed.
No joke, I put them on late Saturday afternoon and did not take them off again until Sunday morning before heading to an early spin class, after a thorough internal debate as to why I could not wear them to spin class. It was a foggy gloomy morning, and I really didn't want to get out of bed.

the walk to the gym...
But my roommates and I hosted a Bears/Ravens/Friendsgiving yesterday and I had to be back early to help set up/cook, so early spin class it was. The day was a raving success... even more so for me after Chicago pulled out an OT victory over Baltimore.

The were such gracious losers.

Unfortunately I was too busy shoveling in my food post-game to take any pictures of our impressive assortment.  However, I wasn't too busy shoveling in my odd breakfast of acorn squash and eggs this morning...

It was actually delicious. Veggies for breakfast. #winning

It was in the mid-60's here in Baltimore today, can you believe it? I allowed myself a few miles after work along the harbor....

Followed by the below kettlebell workout:

10 mins, AMRAP
60 single-under jump rope
15 double arm KB swings (15 lbs)
10 KB upward rows (15 lbs)
15 single-leg bulgarian split squat (15 lbs, both legs)

All you need are these two things and a little bit of space:

artistic, I know.
A full week of work ahead of me, and for some reason it's very daunting. While the warm weather was nice today, I'm ready for the temperatures to drop and winter to start rolling in. I know, I know, I'm crazy.

One down, four to go. Make the week great my friends. Be thankful for the roof over your head, it can disappear more quickly than you would ever think.

Cheers -



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