Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trainer Love

Happy Thursday! Holy moly has this week been a struggle for me. I was at dinner with Andrew last night and we were talking about how hard it’s been to get up for work this week – and then realized that spending 10 + straight days in the Mountain Time Zone waking up at 9 AM (11 AM E.S.T) is most likely the culprit. Oh well.

I’ll give myself until next week to stop hitting snooze four times in a row.

However I have to admit, it feels pretty great to have an organized schedule back. It also feels great to be eating a little more regularly, and not having about half of my meals consist of Colorado craft beer (although I will admit, I had a Great Divide beer at date night last night).

back on that plantain pancake wagon
Andrew has adopted a couple favorite phrases the past month or so, which I have of course come to adopt as well. The most popular?

New Year, New You

Which was his favorite excuse over the holidays to eat whatever we wanted.
‘I mean, if we don’t put on at least a couple pounds before 2014 then we will have nothing to strive for. 2014, New Year, New You.’

Fair enough.

While I like to also use this sentence outside of the context of just our bodies, it’s still a fun phrase to throw around excessively. I said it to myself a few times yesterday while taking my bike trainer for a trial run after work.

I’m in love I think. Biking as hard and absurdly as I want in the comfort of my own bedroom, listening to whatever music I want.

Speaking of music, I found some awesome spin/workout playlists last night when I searched ‘spin’ on Spotify. This guy rocked my socks for a solid 60 mins:

The workout went a little something like this:

Start watch
Spin to the 15 minute mark, get off bike and keep watch running…

50 air squats
40 jumping jacks
30 sit-ups
20 tricep dips
10 pushups
20 tricep dips
30 sit-ups
40 jumping jacks
50 air squats

Spin again until the 45 minute mark, repeat above sequence…
5-10 minute cool down

In all, that took me just over 60 minutes. Followed by some abs with my best friend, Mr. Red Ball.

I think I need a name for my bike trainer, since him/her and Beth will be best friends. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Guys, tomorrow is Friday. And aside from the fact that I fell on my run today through the city (don't ask), things are really looking up.

I don't want to talk about it. I'm still mortified that I literally wiped out while running along one of Baltimore's busiest city streets.

Friday. Focus on Friday.

Cheers –



  1. I think my life would change if I had a trainer rather than a treadmill from 1995 in my workout room.

  2. first, i need to get a bike. then i need to get a trainer.


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