Thursday, December 5, 2013


So. Many. abbreviations in that title.

It was 54 degrees here in Baltimore when I woke up this morning, and I couldn’t help but be a bit sad when I walked outside with a fleece on and realized that I was almost too warm. Warm is nice in summer spring and even fall, but come winter, this girl wants some snow.

Before I give you my WIAW info, let’s do a quick Elf for Health update shall we? Yesterday the challenge was to go makeup free, and due to already being late to work as it was, I nailed it.

Today the challenge is to work out with a partner which is possibly my least favorite thing in the entire world. Maybe I can grab Andrew for some partnered abs? I already plan on doing this 15(ish) minute workout at the gym after work…

It’s one of my newly made-up favorites. If you don’t have a row machine, substitute about 3 – 3:30 mins of some other form of cardio.

I was a bit more successful this time around at tracking my ‘What I ate Wednesday’ as far as pictures go… not perfect, but better. Here we go.

Breakfast was plantain pancakes topped with almond butter and my apple/cranberry sauce that I made another batch of this past weekend.

When will I get sick of plantain pancakes? Probably never. Oh and I had coffee of course.

Mid-morning snack was these guys:

Not the ‘cleanest’ when it comes to almonds – they have some flavoring crap thrown in there – but I still love them. Lunch was a fail as I got back from getting gas and shoved my face, forgetting to take pictures. I ate an apple, a sweet potato with chicken sausage, and a small side salad.

A little later I got hungry again (weird) and ate some carrots which were boring because I ran out of hummus. And in case you were wondering, 2 pm in my cube is always tea time for me. Always.

The good/bad news? It was a coworker’s birthday yesterday, and an amazing homemade chocolate chip cookie cheesecake was being passed around the office. I couldn’t say no, there was no way. In the midst of my intoxicated sugar high I realized on my very last bite that I should snap a picture of the delicious concoction – it doesn’t do it justice. Not even close.

From work it was straight to the gym, and on the trip from gym to home (about a 20 minute drive) I snacked on this marvelous combination:

I’ve found that the later in the day that I work out, the less hungry I typically am for dinner. When I got home I munched on some celery and tuna (weird combo I know) while I cooked my plantain pancakes for the next morning.

And of course, throughout the day, as much water as I could remember to drink.

Exciting stuff huh? If you’re in search of new paleo recipes, I found this awesome looking meatloaf recipe over on Jessi’s blog – I hope to whip it up within the next week, it looks simple enough. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty ready for the weekend. Here’s to an awesome one-

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