Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dreams Come True

Remember last week when I was crying about how I was ready for snow?
My dream came true.

Twice actually, as it snowed again today!

Other dreams that recently came true include hugging a near life-size stuffed giraffe -

Cooking an epic egg-casserole this morning when our office closed due to snow -

A cold frosty winter run this evening for about six miles...

Followed by this quick circuit:

-15 burpees
-15 (20 lb) KB swings
-10 pushups
-30 skaters
-12 tricep dips

Followed by this:

Andrew and I checked out Vaccaro's in Little Italy.
So. Good.
This is short and sweet, and possibly boring. My week is a busy one with training for work followed by a weekend away in West Virginia to ski - I'm pumped!

Cheers -



  1. I LOVE ALL OF THESE THINGS. especially the whipped cream.


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