Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gold Stars

Something earth-shattering happened this morning. My yoga instructor complimented me on a posture.

Or, complimented me on trying to do a posture I guess. I’m still by far one of the worst in the world class, but I sure do try my hardest. Gold star for me.

I didn’t think I was going to get up at 5AM this morning for class. I literally ran through every possibility in my head last night as to how why I should not go to 6 am hot yoga. I’m very, very good at coming up with excuses.
  1. You should sleep more.
  2. You will save gas
  3. You will have more time to pack a better lunch
  4. You should sleep more  

 I won’t bore you with the list in it’s entirety, just know that if you ever need some good solid excuses, I am full of them.

While we are on the topic of my weird tendencies, have I ever mentioned how I hate odd numbers?

Even numbers are where it's at.
Outside of 0 and 5 which are good rounded numbers in my mind, I try to never associate with odd numbers. Ever. The volume of my music always needs to be even numbers. And if I’m in spin class and the instructor tells us to add another level of resistance… well I add two, because I’m a badass I hate odd numbers.

Foot update:

Last Friday I did a one mile jaunt on the treadmill and it felt fine. However, after walking all over the city of DC on Saturday, it didn’t feel so fine. Needless to say, that crack's not healed yet. I’m not sure if I should be discouraged or not. I read somewhere that 5th metatarsal stress fractures can take longer to heal since that area doesn’t get as much blood circulation. So in the meantime, I’ll sit at my desk rubbing my foot frantically, attempting to increase blood flow.
Andrew and I had a talk last night about how I need to be proactive (word of the year) and take care of this stress fracture thing sooner rather than later.. basically so that I’m not frantically scrambling to get better come mid-summer, when I will want to start training for MCM. He made me promise to keep it under 2 miles until I know my foot is healed. I sat in the car and sulked  and crossed my arms and threw a fit like a 6 year old and then reluctantly agreed.

I still love him though. Have you showed you guys this pic from this past weekend? I like it.

I may try another mile on the treadmill on Saturday and see how she feels. As mentioned, Saturday night I leave on my 10 day trip, on which running and excessive exercise will most likely be kept to a minimum.

Want to know what won’t be kept to a minimum on the trip? Awesomeness.

Cheers to that my friends!

PS- I updated my #jamsohard section if you’re looking for some new tunes!


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