Thursday, May 23, 2013


Is Westward even a word? I'm not sure I care...

I realized lately that I haven’t been writing as much, and I couldn’t quite lay my finger on why. Then I realized this morning that in the midst of my busy couple weeks, I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I typically do. Pictures are what helps to remind me what I want to write about and tell you guys.

Shame on me.

To make up for it, I snapped some pictures at the gym this morning mid-workout.

I’m back up around 4 minute planks on my good days, which is nice. I strongly believe planks are a crucial part of core-work, and contribute greatly towards keeping a tight mid-section, if that's what you're looking for. I don’t really have any strong research to back this up, these are just my general feelings and observations of my own body.

Also, please check out my badass shot from the Warrior Dash that I stole:

Do not copy? Ok sorryyyyy
I’ve been running a lot on my lunch breaks. As long as it isn’t too hot, I don’t sweat much, and love being able to get in 3-4 miles mid-afternoon. It’s an awesome way to break up the day. Body spray post-run is usually necessary in order to not smell up the office...

Hey, quick question… did you know that we fly out to Colorado today? Also, did know that Monday AKA Memorial Day, is Andrew’s birthday? I got him the best birthday gift a crazy runner girl can give…

Yup, I got him a pair of Brook’s Cadences, the same beauts that I run in. Mutual Brooks love.

I had a little chat with Fort Collins and was like hey, can you give me the best weather ever this weekend? And Fort Collins was like well I love you a lot and miss having you around, so sure...

I wouldn’t expect to hear from me this weekend. It’s mountain/boyfriend/friend/family/Colorado time.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Any Memorial Day plans?

Cheers to the red white & blue!

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