Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I have a question for you all.

Last week I mentioned that 2017 was off to a slow start for me in regards to resolutions/goals, and basically any kind of productivity at all if we are being honest.  This week gave me a great kick in the butt, and I've spent some time with blank pages in front of me, scribbling down thoughts and ideas and dreams.

When I make goals I like to break them out into categories, otherwise I tend to be 'Physical Health' heavy and not set aspirations to expand my Mental Health/Capacity as well.  Goals tend to fall where passions are, yet I also believe that if I'm not challenging myself in new areas I may be missing potential passions altogether.


I feel there's a lot floating around out there on the topic of simplifying life, cutting down distractions, de-cluttering, etc.  Actually I know there's a lot on the topic, because the idea overwhelms me and even scares me a little. Yet I know it's a healthy idea to explore, so it's one of my vague goals that I would like to zone in on and set better parameters around.

So I'm asking for your guys help.

What kind of ideas have you implemented into your life - what books have you read, apps have you downloaded, small steps you have taken - that have helped you to simplify, and/or de-clutter your life? This can be things that help to reduce distractions, maximizing efficiency throughout your day.... really anything around that general concept. 

Because I'm curious, yet it's a topic that I believe if I simply 'Googled' I would be greatly overwhelmed with the thousands of suggestions.  So I'm turning to you all - my friends - for simple ideas or thoughts, that you believe to work.

Comment, message me, email me (, send a carrier pigeon.  Responses are greatly appreciated.

Cheers - 

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