Monday, August 22, 2016


It's been awhile huh?  A little too long.

Jumping right in; I wouldn't really consider myself the most adventurous person.  I can talk a big game and will try new things etc., but my comfort zone will forever and always be my favorite place - whether that's in my daily routine, the people I keep company with, the place that I'm living, etc.

Baltimore slowly but surely became one of my most favorite places.  The little city of a half million people is full of spunk and life and team spirit out the ass.  I learned to find a ton of joy in the places and the people who surrounded me there.

Yet Andrew and I decided early this year to consider something new. He's done the overseas thing twice now without me, and every time it's been hard. Really hard to be honest. And last year when he fell in love with Israel, and started ranting about the country's beauty, the slower pace of life, all of the things to do, I quickly put my guards up and told myself that I wouldn’t do the same.

Turns out, it only took a few days visit out there to quickly change my mind.

So, to get to the actual point of this post - last week, we started a new adventure. More specifically, as of last Thursday, we are now residing in Tel Aviv for the next two years.  Leading up to the decision, there was crazy amounts of discussions and tears and debate in regards to moving overseas in general. And it's not going to be easy, believe me we know. But I do know this gives us both the opportunity to go after things we are super passionate about, in a pretty cool country.

We'll be back and forth a lot.  This is a crazy time of life (when is it not?) and there will be weddings and holidays and babies that we absolutely cannot and will not miss.  We've already grown accustom to flights to see both of our families at this point - and so our mindset has simply shifted to, a flight is a flight.  Whether it's 10 hours or 2, when we need to be back to the States, we will get back there.  I just may need to keep some extra Advil PM on hand for that Tel Aviv – Newark non-stop flight, with a 7 hour time change.

So, after over four and half years of living in Maryland/Baltimore, we headed East. 5,000 + miles east to be exact.  Come visit - you've got a free place in Tel Aviv to stay if you want to book that Middle Eastern vacay you never could pull the trigger on. You'll just have to deal with a furry husky who likes to give kisses and occasionally wakes you up howling at 2 AM.

(Don't even get my started on the process of getting that puppy over here, that's a whole separate blog post)

It's going to be hard – change is so hard for me (Just this morning I tried to pay for my $1 coffee with a coin that was only worth 5 cents). But we're ready for it, mostly because we are doing it together.  And I'm thinking it should make for a pretty good story, so as of today this blog is back up and running (excuse the pun). Follow along, we can learn some Hebrew together.

Cheers/L'Chayim - 


  1. Wishing you the best. Life abroad can be difficult, but once you develop your own rhythm there, it'll feel like home too.

    I don't know if WhatsApp is available there, but it's a great way to communicate through texts with family in the States.

    1. thanks! we do have whatsapp, it should be a huge help. thanks!

  2. This is beyond awesome. Hopefully Karen and I will have a chance to visit!!!

  3. Congrats! Way to be brave. Change is hard because you have to truly trust God 100% and allow every opportunity and situation to help grow you :) you won't regret it. I'm in my 8th month abroad and I still love it everyday. Don't get me wrong, things can be hard an frustrating, but it's something you will never forget, especially since you'll be sharing the time with your man. Best of luck!

  4. Consider it done. We're visiting !


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